Gen X Coronary Stent System



GenX Brand Name as mention in Catalog


Stent Material

SS 316 L Stainless Steel


8/1 0 crown, Variable-geometry

Strut Thickness

105 urn

Strut Width

Large - 85 ~m ,Small- 75 urn

Guiding catheter

5 Fr Compatible

Crossing profile


Stent & balloon induced acute mechanical arterial injury during expansion is an important determinant of restenosis. The cellular signaling mechanism that results in platelet deposition, thrombus formation & smooth muscle cell proliferation begin in response to arterial injury. It has been shown that deep injury to the media &superficial injury to the endothelium occur during stent expansion. Stent implantation imparts extreme vascular strain &focal mechanical injury to the vessel wall ranging from denudation of the endothelial cell mono layer, to progressive laceration of the deeper vascular structures. The amount of injury inflicted by the stent and balloon is a function of stent geometry.

GenX coronary stent is the next generation variable geometry stent, designed to minimize stent induced arterial injury. It is carefully designed to incorporate controlled stent expansion characteristics, better stent-artery compliance, superior acute gain, optimum cell size & shape, lower strut thickness and high flexibility.


Unique edge design offers controlled stent expansion.
Edge injuries are caused by both stent edge flaring during expansion &balloon "Dog Bonning". Conventional stent designs expand as "Edge First Expansion" resulting in injury at the edges. The stent balloon mismatch also causes injury at the edges due to "Dog Bonning" effect. GenX incorporates wide closed cells at the stent edges that will minimize edge flaring &knife edge focal injury during expansion. Also the stent &balloon is precisely matched to minimize "Dog Bonning" effect.

Optimum cell size & shape
Generally during stent expansion, due to the intra cellular balloon protrusion, the expansion energy from the balloon is transferred to the arterial wall causing injuries. This is cell size &shape dependent. GenX has optimum cell size &shape to minimize injuries.

Lower strut thickness
GenX has thin struts to minimize focal mechanical injury to the vessel wall.

Better stent artery compliance
During the stent expansion, artery experiences extreme strain. Greater the strain greater is the injury. GenX is designed to minimize arterial strain due to stent- artery compliance mismatch.

Superior acute gain-more vessel area
GenX tends to recoil less than 2% & 5 % respectively when fully expanded, whereby offering superior acute gain& more vessel area, thanks to the 10-cell design.

High flexibility &lower crossing profile to address complex anatomies.
The longitudinal "X"link connection between the cells with lower strut thickness offers lower crossing profile &multi axial high flexibility while negotiating complex anatomies. Vessels do not tend to straighten after the stent expansion.

Ordering Information

Diameter (mm) 8 13 16 19 24 29 32 37 40
2.00 G.0 2.0008 G.0 2.0013 G.0 2.0016 G.0 2.0019 G.0 2.0024 G.0 2.0029 G.0 2.0032 G.0 2.0037 G.0 2.0040
2.25 G.0 2.2508 G.0 2.2513 G.0 2.2516 G.0 2.2519 G.0 2.2524 G.0 2.2529 G.0 2.2532 G.0 2.2537 G.0 2.2540
2.50 G.0 2.5008 G.0 2.5013 G.0 2.5016 G.0 2.5019 G.0 2.5024 G.0 2.5029 G.0 2.5032 G.0 2.5037 G.0 2.5040
2.75 G.0 2.7508 G.0 2.7513 G.0 2.7516 G.0 2.7519 G.0 2.7524 G.0 2.7529 G.0 2.7532 G.0 2.7537 G.0 2.7540
3.00 G.0 3.0008 G.0 3.0013 G.0 3.0016 G.0 3.0019 G.0 3.0024 G.0 3.0029 G.0 3.0032 G.0 3.0037 G.0 3.0040
3.50 G.0 3.5008 G.0 3.5013 G.0 3.5016 G.0 3.5019 G.0 3.5024 G.0 3.5029 G.0 3.5032 G.0 3.5037 G.0 3.5040
4.00 G.0 4.0008 G.0 4.0013 G.0 4.0016 G.0 4.0019 G.0 4.0024 G.0 4.0029 G.0 4.0032 G.0 4.0037 G.0 4.0040
4.50 G.0 4.5008 G.0 4.5013 G.0 4.5016 G.0 4.5019 G.0 4.5024 G.0 4.5029 G.0 4.5032 G.0 4.5037 G.0 4.5040