Protea - Cobalt Chromium Coronary Stent System


ProteaTM coronary stent is next generation uniform sinusoidal strut design offering uniform drug delivery throughout stent length. Alternate 'S' link offers excellent flexibility and exceptional deliverability.

Unique design features

  • Optimum Cell Size & Shape results in minimum vessel wall injury due to intra cellular balloon protrusion.
  • Better vessel wall coverage.
  • No plaque protrusion.
  • Uniform drug distribution.
  • Lower Strut Thickness to minimize focal mechanical injury to endothelium & media.
  • Better Crossing Profile
  • Better Stent Artery Compliance to minimize arterial strain due stent artery compliance mismatch.


Stent Material

L605 Co-Cr alloy


6/8/10 crown, Variable-geometry

Strut thickness

65 µm

Strut Width

70 µm

Nominal foreshortening

Nearly zero


< 4.0%

Guiding catheter

5 Fr Compatible

Crossing profile

< 098 mm

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