Vesta Cor - HAp Coated Coronary Stent System


Inspired By Nature

Hap Coated
Coronary Stent System

Designed to reduce arterial injury

  • Unique design provides exceptional flexibility & conformability.
  • Ultrathin coating of Hydroxyapatite.
  • Micro Porous Hap
  • Low crossing profile to address complex anatomies.

Platform: Protea
Protea™ coronary stent is next generation uniform sinusoidal strut design. Alternate '5' link offers excellent flexibility and exceptional deliverability.

Hydroxyapatite constitutes 70% of natural bone composition and therefore posses' excellent biocompatibility. Hap degrades through a dissolution mechanism & releases of calcium and phosphate ions. It does not invoke inflammatory reaction or foreign body response and is therefore meant to improve the biocompatibility of metallic implants. Studies regarding the safety of hydroxyapatite implants have shown no evidence of toxicity. Long term clinical data has shown biocompatibility and safety of hydroxyapatite coatings in clinical settings.

Technical Specification

Stent Material

L 605 Chromium Cobalt


Micro Porous Hydroxyapatite


Uniform sinusoidal cell design

Strut Thickness

65 µm

Strut width

85 µm

Nominal Foreshortening

Nearly Zero


< 4.0%

Guiding Catheter

5 Fr Compatible

Crossing Profile

0.98 mm

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