Vestasync - Sirolimus Eluting Stent System




At 28 days vestasync02showed good neointimal healing with complete strut coverage and little inflammation.

Inspired By Nature


Unique Platform: Protea™
Protea" Coronary stent is next generation uniform sinusoidal design offering uniform drug delivery throughout stent length. Alternate "S" link offers excellent flexibility and exceptional deliverability.

Drug Carrier: Micro Porous Hydroxyapatite
Hydroxyapatite is the next generation of advanced biocompatible coating which is nontoxic and does not induce thrombogenicity, allergic or inflammatory reactions. HAp is naturally found in bone and teeth enamel and is rapidly integrated into the human body.

Drug: Proven cytostatic Sirolimus drug
Sirolimus has dual mechanism of action. It modulates inflammatory cell function and blocks smooth muscle cell proliferation. Sirolimus is Cytostatic, it stops proliferation prior to G1 check point returning cells to G0 resting phase (0. In this way, by not killing cells, it prevents vessel damage and allows rapid and complete re-endothelialization within 30 days . It thereby minimizes the potential for thrombosis.

Excellent Delivery System
• Softtip for atromatic procedure
• Low thickness balloon and small outer diameter tubes and transition
• PYPE hypo tubing shaft for improved pushability

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